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Our Beginnings

A Mother's Insight into Science

Hello, I'm Ana, the founder of Foodle. My passion? Understanding how food impacts our life quality. Becoming a mom led me to deep-dive into food science, especially as I searched for the perfect baby food recipes.

Amidst rising chronic diseases, I stumbled upon a striking discovery: our diet in the first 1000 days can literally alter our genes. This means it can activate genes linked to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It's not just about eating; it's about programming our health from day one.

Preserved nutrients Preserved health.
Foundation of Foodle

The 1000 Days Principle

I searched tirelessly for baby food that aligned with the crucial 1000 days principle but found none. Determined, I reached out to numerous clinical dietitians for insights on essential baby food qualities and developed recipes that adhered to this principle.

The result? My kids loved it, and from this success, Foodle was born.

Preserved nutrients Preserved health.
The Core of Foodle

Expert Collaboration

I brought together a passionate team – a clinical infant dietitian and Europe’s leading scientist in infant nutrition, a paediatrician, and two Food and Nutrition scientists. Together, we've developed next iteration of recipes and built Foodle with a shared vision and expertise.

Dr. Evgen Benedik, PhD

Clinical infant dietitian

Dr. Dina Al Nawas


Ivana Turnsek

BSc in Food Science and Nutrition

Patricija Kunstek

BSc in Food Science and Nutrition

First batch of 5,000 products:
Sold out immediately

We pre-launched Foodle in March 2023 with a limited production of 5,000 products, and received an overwhelming response from the market, selling out immediately. We are now making Foodle available for everyone.

Start Right:
Age‑Appropriate Nutrition 🍽️

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  • 6+ months6+ months
    Early nutritional development

    From 6+ months

    9 reviews
    • 🫑 Nutrient-Rich Baby Food
    • 🐣 Age-Appropriate Development
    • Enhanced Nutritional Absorption
    • 🥣 Smooth Texture for Easy Eating
    £39.0 OUT OF STOCK per bundle (10 meals)
    ( £3.90 per meal )
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  • 8+ months8+ months
    Developmental nourishment

    From 8+ months

    22 reviews
    • 🍛 Introduction to Complex Flavors
    • 🧠 Cognitive and Motor Development
    • ⚖️ Essential Micronutrient Balance
    • 🍢 Diverse Textures for Chewing Skills
    £39.0 OUT OF STOCK per bundle (10 meals)
    ( £3.90 per meal )
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  • 10+ months10+ months
    Developing independence & variety

    From 10+ months

    18 reviews
    • 🫐 Expanded Variety of Ingredients
    • 💪 Musculoskeletal Strength Promotion
    • 🧬 Enhanced Nutritional Composition
    • 🍢 Texturally Varied Blends
    £39.0 OUT OF STOCK per bundle (10 meals)
    ( £3.90 per meal )
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