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Science-based baby food for future well‑being

Developed by world-class experts

Helps prevent chronic diseases later in life

Made with NASA technology for ultimate convenience

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  • “The food we eat can alter our genetics.”

  • “Our relationship with food is far more intimate than we ever imagined”

  • “One of the best ways to retain the activity of beneficial plant compounds.”

  • “You are what you eat is not just an expression”

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Future-proof baby nutrition

Nutrition in the first 1000 days of life can help prevent chronic diseases as we grow, a fact backed by

extensive scientific research.
These include:

Heart and blood vessel health issues
Long-term lung and breathing conditions
Diabetes and weight-related challenges
Certain types of cancer

Our team of clinical infant dietitian, a paediatrician and two nutritionists have developed recipes grounded in “the First 1000 days” scientific principle - to give humans the best possible start from the beginning.

Preserving nutrients in baby food is

key to lifelong health
- and we preserve 98% of them in Foodle (compared to 55% in pouches or jared baby food), by using freeze-drying technology developed by NASA.

Our recipes are designed to include a specific wide range of flavours and textures. These are the two main elements that impact healthy eating habits from the start.

Start Right:
Age‑Appropriate Nutrition 🍽️

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  • 6+ months6+ months
    Early nutritional development

    From 6+ months

    9 reviews
    • 🫑 Nutrient-Rich Baby Food
    • 🐣 Age-Appropriate Development
    • Enhanced Nutritional Absorption
    • 🥣 Smooth Texture for Easy Eating
    £39.0 OUT OF STOCK per bundle (10 meals)
    ( £3.90 per meal )
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  • 8+ months8+ months
    Developmental nourishment

    From 8+ months

    22 reviews
    • 🍛 Introduction to Complex Flavors
    • 🧠 Cognitive and Motor Development
    • ⚖️ Essential Micronutrient Balance
    • 🍢 Diverse Textures for Chewing Skills
    £39.0 OUT OF STOCK per bundle (10 meals)
    ( £3.90 per meal )
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  • 10+ months10+ months
    Developing independence & variety

    From 10+ months

    18 reviews
    • 🫐 Expanded Variety of Ingredients
    • 💪 Musculoskeletal Strength Promotion
    • 🧬 Enhanced Nutritional Composition
    • 🍢 Texturally Varied Blends
    £39.0 OUT OF STOCK per bundle (10 meals)
    ( £3.90 per meal )
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    Emma B. from Cardiff, UK
  • rigorous testing ensures their safety.

    “Foodle has been a game-changer for my little one's nutrition. I feel at ease knowing that the rigorous testing ensures their safety. It's a relief to have such a trustworthy option.”

    Maya T. from London, UK
  • StarStarStarStarStar
    Mark from London, UK
  • Developed by doctors and backed by research,

    “As a parent, I'm impressed by Foodle's scientific approach. Developed by doctors and backed by research, it gives me confidence that I'm providing my baby with the best nutritional foundation for a healthy future. Highly recommended!”

    Oliver W. from Manchester, UK
  • StarStarStarStarStar
    Anna S. from London, UK
  • The convenience it offers is unbeatable.

    “Foodle has made my life so much easier. The convenience it offers is unbeatable. With no refrigeration needed and easy-to-use packaging, it's a lifesaver for busy parents like me.”

    Emily D. from Edinburgh, UK
  • StarStarStarStarStar
    Janice from London, UK
  • I'm empowering my baby for a lifetime of good health.

    “With Foodle, I feel like I'm empowering my baby for a lifetime of good health. The unique nutritional programming it provides gives me peace of mind, knowing I'm setting the foundation for their future success.”

    Chiara R. from Birmingham, UK
  • StarStarStarStarStar
    Tanya P. from Manchester, UK
  • exceeded my expectations in every way.

    “Foodle has exceeded my expectations in every way. From rigorous testing to expert development, it's clear they prioritise quality. The convenience it brings to our daily routine is a bonus.”

    Ava J. from Cardiff, UK
Developed based on scientific studies

Developed based on scientific studies

Store in your car or cupboard, prepare anywhere

Store in your car or cupboard, prepare anywhere

No added sugar or other additives

No added sugar or other additives

100% organic ingredients

100% organic ingredients

Challenging the status quo

How Foodle stacks up? 🤔

Frozen baby food

Fresh baby food

Jarred baby food, pouches

No refrigiration needed

98%+ of fresh nutritional value

Same taste as fresh

Prepared in a minute

On the go
Ultimate convenience

Pack it in a backpack 🎒
Prepare it in a car 🛻
Feed them on a beach 🏖️

Foodle is lightweight, portable, and doesn’t require refrigeration. It’s ready to enjoy in a minute;

Mix Foodle with water, breast milk or formula

Stir for 30s

Feed your baby

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We mean it,
you can trust us.

Everything we do is backed by real, peer reviewed science.

The evidence is clear: the first 1,000 days of life are critical for lifelong health and well-being. Our dedication to science also extends to our production methods, which use freeze-drying technology to preserve the integrity of our ingredients.

Our products are developed by world class experts from start to finish.

Foodle is developed by a clinical infant nutritionist, a paediatrician, and a chef to ensure scientific rigor, optimal nutrition, and exceptional taste. Additionally - every step of our production process is overseen by a team of clinical infant nutritionists to ensure the end quality of our products.

All the ingredients we use are organic, sourced from where they grow best.

Our commitment to using organic ingredients is rooted in science - organic produce is richer in nutrients and free of harmful pesticides, which can have a negative impact on infant health. Every ingredient is sourced from where it grows best, which ensures that it's of the highest quality and taste great.

Every batch made is rigorously tested in a lab.

Every serving of Foodle is tested to ensure that it meets the highest nutritional standards, is free from a wide range of potential contaminants, including heavy metals and harmful bacteria, and maintains its flavor and texture.

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Everything we do is backed by real, peer reviewed science.
Our products are developed by  world class experts from start to finish.
Every batch made is rigorously tested in a lab.
Everything we do is backed by real, peer reviewed science.

Doubts? Questions?
We are here to help.

We know that our approach to baby food is radically different, which is why you may have some questions. Learn more about the science behind Foodle and why food intake in the first 1000 days of life is crucial.

We're so grateful for the overwhelming demand for Foodle since our pre-launch in March 2023, and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused by the waitlist. Our commitment to using only the highest-quality organic ingredients and rigorous testing standards means that every batch of Foodle takes time to produce. We are now in the final stages of making Foodle available to everyone.

In the meantime, you can sign up for our waitlist to receive notifications as soon as our products are back in stock. As a thank you for your patience, we'll also give you an exclusive early bird discount on your first purchase.

We're all about using real, peer-reviewed scientific evidence to guide our every step.

Our team of experts, including a paediatrician and an infant clinical dietitian, put their hearts and knowledge into crafting our baby food recipes. These recipes are rooted in the idea of nutritional programming, emphasising the importance of early-life nutrition in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart attacks.

Foodle also brings you unmatched convenience. There is no need for refrigeration or thawing, and with just a minute of preparation time your baby can enjoy a healthy meal. And the best part? This convenience doesn't compromise on the amazing taste, texture, and the retention of up to 98% of those essential nutrients.

Nutrition plays a vital role in preventing chronic diseases later in life, and the scientific evidence supporting this is extensive. Numerous studies have highlighted the long-term health impact of early nutrition and its influence on disease prevention.

Here are some key points:

Lifelong Health

Scientific research indicates that nutrition during the early stages of life, particularly the first 1000 days, has a profound impact on long-term health outcomes. Proper nutrition during this critical period can help establish a strong foundation for optimal growth, development, and overall well-being.

Nutritional Programming

The concept of nutritional programming suggests that the food we consume during early life can "program" certain physiological and metabolic processes that persist into adulthood. This programming can affect the risk of developing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even certain types of cancers.

Optimal Nutrient Balance

Studies emphasise the importance of a well-balanced diet that provides the appropriate ratios of essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Adequate intake of these nutrients during the early years helps support healthy growth, immune function, cognitive development, and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Early Intervention

Research has shown that intervening early in life with nutritionally sound approaches can have significant positive effects on long-term health outcomes. By providing optimal nutrition during the critical window of early development, we can potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall health trajectories.

Peer-Reviewed Studies

The scientific community extensively examines the link between nutrition and chronic disease prevention. Peer-reviewed studies, conducted by experts in the field, contribute to our understanding of the complex relationship between nutrition and long-term health outcomes. These studies provide evidence-based insights that inform the development of nutritional strategies aimed at reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

At Foodle, we are committed to evidence-based nutrition programming and rely on the latest peer-reviewed research to inform our product development. We prioritize the inclusion of essential nutrients in optimal proportions to support lifelong health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Our goal is to provide scientifically backed nutrition that sets the foundation for a healthy future.

To prepare Foodle, simply mix it with the recommended quantity of hot or cold water, breast milk, or formula. You have the freedom to adjust the amount of liquid according to your preference. Give it a good stir for about 20 seconds, and you're good to go!

Our products can be stored at any temperature, but we recommend keeping them in a cool, dry place. Once you've opened the package, it's best to finish it within 24 hours to maintain its freshness.